Total Specific Solutions acquires SpraakLab, the Dutch solution supplier for speech recognition software


Nieuwegein / Nijmegen, the Netherlands 10 January 2022. Spraaklab is a software specialist in developing and maintaining automatic systems for extensive audio-visual collections. The solution allows clients to access large quantities of audio-visual data both on- and offline. With this acquisition, Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”) now has a valuable speech solution for their customers in the public and private sector. 

SpraakLab has developed an automatic speech and speaker recognizer that can quickly convert audio-visual data to written text for clients, for verbatim records (minutes) and subtitles. The technology can convert large volumes at high accuracy and reliability. The SpraakLab systems process audio live (for direct user feedback or live subtitles) from the cloud or at the client’s location. SpraakLab works in close collaboration with its clients in various verticals: from national broadcasting (NPO), media-monitoring, telecom market, police, and courts as well as the meeting market. 

Pascal Bakker, Managing Director at NotuBiz: “We are excited to welcome SpraakLab to TSS. At NotuBiz, we have worked intensively with SpraakLab for many years, and we decided to combine our strengths to support the future growth of SpraakLab. In our everyday world, speech recognition technology will become more commonplace. According to our customers, the Dutch speech recognition model of SpraakLab is one of the best in the market and is used in many applications such as Speech to Text.
I am looking forward to supporting Marijn Huijbregts, the Managing Director at SpraakLab, and his team in the company’s next phase. And to jointly further develop the potential of their solutions in the market of speech recognition technology.” 

Jurriaan Piek, General Manager at TSS: “Our TSS company NotuBiz has been working together with SpraakLab for many years, and Pascal and his team are very excited about the added value of SpraakLab for our customers. We are looking forward to taking the next step into the future with SpraakLab as part of TSS. Pascal will support them where needed and share our CSI/TSS best practices.” 

Marijn Huijbregts, Managing Director and founder of SpraakLab: “We are proud of the speech solution suite that we have developed over the years. We have created a product that fulfils the need in the market by working closely with our clients, among whom NotuBiz. Now, as an independent business unit of TSS, we have the opportunity to enter the next phase and serve our clients even better.” 

About SpraakLab
SpraakLab was founded in 2015 by Marijn Huijbregts, a speech technology researcher, and is located in Nijmegen. The company specializes in speech recognition technology. Their software solutions help clients bring structure to extensive audio-visual collections: for example, to determine who was speaking at a particular moment, generate automatic subtitles, or facilitate search in audio files. As SpraakLab develops its own technology, it is possible to use the software onsite and offline at the client. This makes SpraakLab a highly valued partner for organizations and institutions that deal with privacy-sensitive data. More information on the website: 

Total Specific Solutions (TSS)
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