31 maart 2021

Cubenode joins TWS

Cubenode System S.L. (“Cubenode”), a Spanish web hosting company based in Granada, joins Axarnet Group S.L. (“Axarnet”), the leading Spanish web hosting company that is part of Total Webhosting Solutions (“TWS”).

Madrid, March 31, 2021 – Cubenode is based in Granada and was founded in 2005. The company is well known for its high-performance infrastructure and excellent service offering. The philosophy of Cubenode has always been to offer the best service and best infrastructure at no expense spared. Its founder Juan Jesus Hernandez decided to partner with Axarnet to take his company to the next level. “Partnering with Axarnet gives me the possibility to accelerate our growth and provide even better service while being able to maintain the core values of my business.”

Ventura Gil Peña, MD Axarnet Group
“I am deeply impressed with Juan Jesus and the company he has built in a highly competitive hosting market. His fast-growing customer base values the focus on providing exceptional standards in customer service and infrastructure. The fast growth is driven by the increase in e-commerce demands and requires additional investments. With the scale of Axarnet, we can guarantee the required future investments to increase service levels and performance.”

Matthieu van Amerongen, CEO TWS
“Cubenode is the sixth Spanish acquisition for us after Softec, RAN Networks, Singular Web, Nerion Networks, and Evidalia. The sharing of best practices and resources within TWS gives smaller webhosting companies the chance to become more successful. Together we will actively look at new consolidation opportunities to strengthen the business’s footprint in Spain while seeking to enhance current operations. This is our first Spanish acquisition in 2021 and I’m confident many more will follow.”

About Cubenode
Since 2005, Cubenode has provided webhosting services with a focus on unmanaged VPS’s to businesses and consumers. They have been growing their customer base whilst maintaining the best performance combined with continuous 24 hours support.

Please refer to the Cubenode website for more information: cubenode.com

About Axarnet
Axarnet is a group of hosting companies specialized in domain and web hosting services for corporate and private customers. Currently the labels Plexval, Domitienda, ABserver, Avanzas, Infortelecom, Softec, Register.es, RAN Networks, Singular Web, Nerion Networks, Evidalia and Axarnet are part of the Axarnet Group. Axarnet has offices in Madrid, Valencia and Malaga.

Please visit www.axarnet.es for more information.

About Total Webhosting Solutions
TWS operates in the web hosting and cloud services market and consists of several autonomous business units. Each unit delivers products and (specialized) services to their market segment. As a result of their autonomous character, the business units are agile, adaptive and provide the highest possible added value for customers. Within TWS, webhosting entrepreneurs can build their own local empire. Furthermore, being part of TWS enables them to improve effectiveness, guarantee quality, and invest in the future. TWS provides financial security, strategic guidance, and best practices for businesses.

For more information, please refer to the TWS website: www.tws.eu

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