20 oktober 2020

De Hosting Makelaar joins TWS

Loyals B.V. (Loyals) sells its hosting division De Hosting Makelaar B.V. (DHM) to Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS). DHM joins forces with RealHosting B.V. (RealHosting), which is part of TWS and strengthens its fastgrowing digital agency hosting specialism.

Blaricum, 20 October 2020 – Loyals, the brand communication agency for the world of tomorrow, started DHM in 2014 to set up the hosting of web projects in-house. Soon, DHM didn’t just provide services for Loyals’ and became an independent company. DHM facilitates various hosting services for developers and clients of Loyals and, additionally, for many other digital agencies.

Youri Lieberton, founder and CEO of Loyals
“Because of the rapid growth of both Loyals and DHM, we had to make a choice. We want to focus on the growth of Loyals. Naturally, hosting will remain important for Loyals. This is exactly why we started looking for a long-term partner with whom we have a natural connection. In addition to a vision on this business and the partnership, both parties must connect well and quickly with each other. After all, both Loyals and many of its clients and business relations must be able to continue to build on and trust DHM’s infrastructure. We have found that long-term partner in TWS.”

Pim Effting, Director RealHosting
“As a creative agency, you don’t want any hassle with backups or slow websites. Clients of digital agencies are becoming increasingly demanding, and web projects are increasingly sophisticated. Security and performance must continuously be at their best, and the speed with which web projects must be delivered is increasing. As a web agency, it is impossible to be a specialist in both server and software techniques. We think it’s a shame if scarce developers lose time setting up and optimizing hosting environments. Because this is precisely our specialism.”

Matthieu van Amerongen, CEO TWS
“The way in which digital agencies distinguish themselves is by increasingly acting as a strategic partner for clients. In operational terms, their specialists must of course be able to deliver on this. They must always be up to date with the latest techniques to be able to develop the fastest web projects. In addition, data security is an increasingly complex and important issue. Specialized hosting companies within TWS such as Realhosting and IPS, and parties specialized in WordPress and e-commerce such as Savvii, Skyberate, and Magehost are taking this type of specialist responsibility out of clients’ hands. They ensure that the focus is on their core business. We are therefore pleased that we can now add DHM to that list of specialists and continue to build the Netherlands’ leading digital agency hosting specialist in the coming years.”

About Loyals
Loyals is a brand communication agency for tomorrow’s world. We build brands and let companies grow by working from the “core” of an organization. It is not up to us to keep up, but to stay ahead. In this way, we can advise and continue to co-create with our clients. Furthermore, we ensure that they are ready for the future as well. At Loyals, we work on our clients’ growth every day, utilizing rock-solid marketing and communication tools. From strategy to online marketing, from design to online development and events.

For more information about Loyals, we refer you to the website: loyals.com

About Realhosting
RealHosting has been providing webhosting and domain registrations since 2001. The slogan is “Professional hosting, personal service,” and that is not without reason. The quality of the hosting is guaranteed by using the right techniques. At the same time, the service remains personal thanks to, among other things, good telephone accessibility. Clients rate RealHosting with an average of 9. RealHosting has been part of TWS since 2017.

For more information about RealHosting, we refer you to the website: realhosting.nl

About Total Webhosting Solutions
TWS operates in the webhosting and cloud services market and consists of several autonomous business units. Each unit delivers products and (specialized) services to their market segment. As a result of their autonomous character, the business units are agile, adaptive and provide the highest possible added value for customers. Within TWS, webhosting entrepreneurs can build their own local empire. Being part of TWS enables them to improve effectiveness, guarantee quality, and invest in the future. TWS provides financial security, strategic guidance, and best practices.

For more information, please refer to the TWS website: www.tws.eu

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