14 september 2021

Hostinet joins TWS

Hostinet S.L.U. (“Hostinet”), a Spanish web hosting company based in Bilbao, joins Axarnet Group S.L. (“Axarnet”), the leading Spanish web hosting company that is part of Total Webhosting Solutions (“TWS”).

Madrid, September 14, 2021 – Hostinet is based in Bilbao and was founded in 2003. The company is well known in the Basque country and throughout Spain for its excellent domain and web hosting services. The philosophy of Hostinet has always been to offer quality hosting to all clients, with 24/7 technical support via email and telephone. The founders Tomas Alaman and Jose Antonio Paunero decided it was time to join a larger group to remain competitive in the future. “Partnering with Axarnet allows us to maintain our high quality and support standards that have made our company great. Furthermore, we wanted to increase our performance and offer a larger product portfolio to all our clients.”

Ventura Gil Peña, MD Axarnet Group
“I’m very proud to add Hostinet to Axarnet Group. I have known the company and its founders for a long time. Being one of the first Spanish web hosters to become an authorized .ES registrar, this company has a long history and a large customer base with great hosting and domain services. The autonomous growth of the company proves that customers value the exceptional standards in customer service. With the scale of Axarnet, we can guarantee to keep or exceed those excellent service levels, the overall performance and introduce Hostinet customers to new and exciting other hosting products and services.”

Abe Bakker, CEO of TWS
“Hostinet is the seventh Spanish acquisition for us after Softec, RAN Networks, Singular Web, Nerion Networks, Evidalia, and Cubnode. Axarnet has been able to acquire these high-quality hosting businesses and further improve the performance by implementing our web hosting best practices and proven playbooks. This acquisition firmly establishes Axarnet as a leading webhosting company in Spain. Ventura has been able to lead the consolidation of the Spanish webhosting market and I look forward to offering other entrepreneurs in Spain and other European countries the same opportunity.”

About Hostinet
Since 2003, Hostinet has provided domain and webhosting services with continuous 24 hours support. Hostinet serves over 10.000 customers with over 35.000 domains under management, making it one of the largest independent registrars in Spain.

Please refer to the Hostinet website for more information: www.hostinet.com

About Axarnet
Axarnet is a hosting company specialized in domain and web hosting services for SMEs and private customers. Currently, Axarnet has a top 5 position in the Spanish webhosting market and is looking to become a market leader through autonomous and acquisitive growth. Axarnet has offices in Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, and now also Bilbao.

Please visit www.axarnet.es for more information.

About Total Webhosting Solutions
TWS operates in the European web hosting and cloud services market and consists of several autonomous business units. Each unit delivers products and (specialized) services to its market segment. As a result of their autonomous character, the business units are agile, adaptive and provide the highest possible added value for customers. Within TWS, webhosting entrepreneurs can build-out their businesses within their geographies via autonomous growth and targeted acquisitions strategies. Furthermore, being part of TWS enables them to improve effectiveness, guarantee the quality, and invest in the future.

For more information, please refer to the TWS website: www.tws.eu

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