13 augustus 2020

QDC joins TWS

Versio B.V. (“Versio”) has acquired Dutch webhosting provider QDC B.V. (“QDC”). It is Versio’s first acquisition since joining Total Webhosting Solutions (“TWS”), the Dutch market leader in web hosting.

Zwolle, August 13, 2020 – QDC has been offering webhosting, domain registration and VPS-services as of 1994 to SMEs and private customers. The acquisition comes with the opportunity for QDC to expand its product & service offering, by partnering with Versio.

Noor Nijkamp-Danser, QDC
“Having taken care of the business for many years, the time has come for a next step. To ensure continuity of the business, I was looking for a reliable partner, which I found in Versio. Our customers have certain standards and expectations of our service level, and I was looking for a partner with standards comparable to ours. Now the time has come for me to take a step back, but I do so knowing that our customers are in good hands.”

Christiaan Tsirakos, Versio
“This is Versio’s first acquisition after becoming part of TWS. The acquisition lets us service a broader customer base and offer a broader variety of products. QDC’s customers are highly satisfied and have been loyal customers for many years, as QDC always has had a focus on a personal and high-quality customer experience. Partnering with Versio offers the opportunity for QDC to upgrade its technical platform to a new platform compliant to modern standards and requirements. I believe we will strengthen each other in the future.”

Matthieu van Amerongen, CEO TWS
”Smaller web hosting companies fit very well within the companies of TWS and TWS will continue acquiring those in the coming years. Due to our scale, most of our companies can perform above market average. TWS unlocks cross-selling for example, which results in consistent revenue growth. In addition, investments in infrastructure and technology on a larger scale are more easily accessible, thus creating opportunities to save costs. By joining TWS smaller webhosting companies can benefit from those advantages and become a better and more successful company.”

About QDC
QDC is located in Leidschendam and is a reliable partner for c. 3,000 customers, ranging from sole proprietorships to medium-sized companies and institutions. Good service and a personal approach have been a top priority for years, resulting in a loyal customer base.

For more information, please refer to the QDC website: www.qdc.nl

About Versio
Since 2008, Versio is a renowned provider of web hosting and domain name registration services. The company’s slogan “Welcome online” perfectly represent the company. High quality of hosting services is guaranteed by using the right and modern techniques. We work from our office in Zwolle to deliver a high-quality platform and good customer experience. Versio is a part of TWS since 2018.

For more information, please refer to the Versio website: www.versio.nl

About Total Webhosting Solutions (‘TWS’)
TWS operates in the webhosting and cloud services market and consists of several autonomous business units. Each unit delivers products and (specialized) services to their market segment. As a result of their autonomous character, the business units are agile, adaptive and provide the highest possible added value for customers. Within TWS, webhosting entrepreneurs can build their own local empire. Being part of TWS enables them to improve effectiveness, guarantee quality, and invest in the future. TWS provides financial security, strategic guidance, and best practices.

For more information, please refer to the TWS website: www.tws.eu


Versio & QDC
Christiaan Tsirakos (Director Versio & QDC)


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